Technical Support

Technical Support

Keeping your website updated is very important, but unfortunately, many businesses forgot it. WordPress and WordPress plugins are updated frequently, bringing new functionalities or fixing security issues. Each new version needs to be updated as soon as possible to avoid hackers from invading your pages and stolen your visitors’ data.

Website owners also neglect website and data backup, and it is fundamental when the website is attacked or your server had technical problems.

cPanel emails and other functionalities are other pain points when keeping a website. Imagine you waiting for a critical email from your client, and you never get it? Or, you have sent a proposal to someone, and it is not delivered. There are hundreds of issues that need attention to keep your website running well.

Net Doozy can help you by providing technical support 24×7. See below how we can help you:

Keep your Website updated. While you run your business, we will monitor your Website and execute all necessary updates. After the updates, we do tests to ensure that the plugin will not affect any website functionality, and when we check that all is good, we will release it in production.

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Our hosting monitoring will check your hosting to make sure everything is running well. We check all hosting functionalities such as emails, storage, error logs, etc. If we find any issue, we will fix it and report it to you.

You also can open support tickets if you find any issue that needs our help.

Did you buy a new WordPress Plugin? Or Did you buy a new SSL certificate and need to install it in your hosting but do not know how to do it? We can do it for you.

It does not matter if you host your website in another hosting provider or another company designed your website. We can support you when and where you need it.


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